What is Tender.Pro?

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Tender.Pro is an e-procurement system on b2b market. Company Tender.Pro has been working since 2002. Extensive experience has allowed developers to create a service useful for suppliers and customers. From easy search through a huge catalog of products, through price lists through and procurement notices to the service of various types of biddings – it is all available to clients systems along with professional support team Tender.Pro.

The effect of using the system is defined by the following factors:

  • Reconstruction of purchases. Tender.Pro reorganizes system of procurement Tenders held in the system Tender.Pro is accessible to a wide variety of participants, with the automation of biddings significantly reduces labor costs and minimizes the impact of human factors on the result. Implementation of the system has already proved the efficiency, reducing cost of purchases a minimum on 5 %.
    Tendering in the system TenderPro simplifies this process and makes it as efficient as possible
  • Advertising on the Internet. In our system, you can manually create and publish online price list of your company, add photos and all the necessary information and commentary. Because of the large attendance of a resource Tender.Pro a significant number of buyers will know about your company.
  • Access to the procurement and supply base of goods. Companies participating in the system Tender.Pro create purchase lists and price lists to inform potential customers of the offers they may have or need. Registration allows you to access to that data and to find business partners quickly.
    TenderPro is a enormous database of purchases and sales offers for of industrial goods
  • Non-interference. Tenders are spent independently by the enterprises-participants of our systems. Tender.Pro is engaged only in support, implementation and use of software product counseling.
  • Independence. Tender.Pro does not belong to any of financial or industrial groups; it is not engaged by intermediary activity, does not sell and does not buy the goods.
  • Qualitative service. Tender.Pro gives to its clients a high quality and practically feasible control system of procurement and sales. Our specialists always help in decision of attendant questions starting from the implementation of the system to the company and ending with the effective organization of tenders.
    TenderPro provides a wealth of useful information for buyers and suppliers

By using the system Tender.Pro you can conduct a tender for the purchase or sale of goods and services with minimal man-hour, and at the end of the tender to get competitive list and make the optimal choice of the winner. To get full access to the functions of the system you need to register and choose one of the tariff.

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