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Полное название: Prochema Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H
Краткое наименование: Prochema
Сфера деятельности:
We are a specialized “Representation House”, Importers and Distributors for chemical raw- and intermediate products, polymers and native products for industrial use

We are an Austrian, owner-managed company, which has been successful for over 37 years in marketing and distribution. We supply industry customers in entire Europe and sites of multinational customers world-wide.

Through the exclusive representation of well-known producers in the world and the focus on selected customer branches only, the name PROCHEMA today stands for competence in marketing, sales and logistics.

Your success is our priority

We pay special attention to “closeness to customers”: starting from our roots in Austria, we have established offices/sites throughout Europe and Asia, to be easily accessible for our business partners and respond requests – in most cases in their local language. Our goal? The best service for our customers – from Lisbon to the Urals!

We take responsibility

The trade with chemicals is a responsible task. In order to meet our commitment to our customers and the environment, transportation and storage at strategic points are managed by our experienced logistics team. So our products are not only safe, but also reliable, fast and at required time to their destination.
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Адрес: 1100, Австрия, Вена, г. Вена, ул. Wienerbergstraβe, д. 3
Юридический адрес: 1100, Австрия, г. Вена, ул. Wienerbergstraβe, д. 3 
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Сайт: prochema.com

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